Please help Us to Save Teacher Carolyn’s Life For the first time in a long time Carolyn has gotten some REAL HOPE that a cancer treatment will SAVE HER LIFE but we need $ 30,000 to get it. Up until now we have not really put forth the idea of how much her cancer has spread and how extensive her pain and suffering has been. We have worked continually to direct our attention to feel-good thoughts. However, the communication from the Doctors that the cancer has spread extensively and that it is terminal, has made that difficult. For those of you who do not know, my wife Carolyn is a kindergarten teacher beloved by students, parents, teachers and everyone who knows her. She has always instilled in her kids a love of reading and a set of life- enhancing values. We have been battling her cancer condition now for over two and a half years. Now (and for the last couple months) she is not able to eat anything without throwing up. She is fed through a feeding tube that has to be changed every day. She needs a new surgical procedure for this tube which has been delayed due to insurance problems. I don’t want to detail the kind of misery she is living in. I really want to see her healthy no matter what. The treatment she is seeking cured a friend who’s cancer was even worse than Carolyn‘s. It is given at a hospital in Mexico or Canada and is expensive. I can supply more details and answer any questions if you like by E-mail ( or phone.(818-546-2254 or 818-823-7873.) Our funds, credit, income and assets have been used up on medical bills. We need to raise this money. So if you can help, I would do anything I can to be of value to you, and will be eternally grateful. God bless you. Love, John Rafanello (teacher Carolyn’s husband) and Carolyn Miller